KashFlow has lots of ways in which it can be customized and various settings to help you to do this including changing your VAT scheme, adding additional currencies, and a fully customisable invoice layout.

To help you these are broken down into 3 main sections in the settings screen. Your Account, Lists, and Configuration Settings.

Your Account

This section has the tools to manage your KashFlow account which includes:


The options here allow you to customise the lists used in all the other areas of KashFlow, including your Chart of Accounts, Sources, and Additional Currencies.

Configuration Settings

In these options, you can change a lot of useful options relating to how you want your KashFlow account to work, these include:

To help make it easier for you to ensure you are paid on time, you can also configure KashFlow to take payments directly using a payment processor, send reminder emails and customise the layout of your documents and emails.

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