Stock Overview

The Stock Overview Report can be used to give you a valuation of the stock you currently hold. For a guide to setting up Product and Stock Management in KashFlow please click here, similarly for a full list of reporting options please click here.

Running the Report

Run this report by going to

Reports > Business > Stock Overview Report

Use the tick boxes to decide to include

  • Orders Only – Only show the items that you have yet to get delivered and the value of these
  • Alerts Only – Only include items that are below your Stock Alert level set in the manage stock levels settings (red and orange coloured alerts).
  • None Ticked – If no boxes are ticked then you will see all your current stock and its value.

When you are ready, click the Download Report button. The report that’s downloaded will detail the following;

  • Nominal Code of the Sales Type/Sales Type that contains the product
  • Nominal Name of the Sales Type/Sales Type that contains the product
  • Product Code if one is set for the product
  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Price excluding VAT
  • Quantity you currently have in stock
  • Value of the stock (Quantity you currently hold x Product Price)
  • Pending Deliveries
  • Alert level that you have set for this Product/Sales Type Code

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