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A streamlined and comprehensive approach to payroll software. Manage everything from employee payslips to workplace pensions in a couple of clicks.

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Automatic Enrolment Made Easy

Automatically assess employees and enroll them in a qualifying scheme. Calculate employee and employer contributions, and automatically create the correct documents for employees and pensions providers. Learn more.

Every Payroll Essential

KashFlow Payroll includes everything you need for effective payroll in a small business. Pay monthly salaries, hourly wages and holiday pay from one place and easily update forms for employee, tax and insurance information.

Automated Processes

Our Payroll software calculates National Insurance, tax and more in your payroll run – saving you time. It includes the option to automatically send payslips to your employees as soon as they’re ready, and automatically send off your RTI submissions when you’re done.

Effortless Payroll Management

Update employees’ pay details to include car fuel allowance, sick pay and more. Pay your workforce weekly, monthly or a mix of both, and include easy-to-create Opening Balances for each new employee.

Holiday Pay

Track staff holiday entitlement with an easy to use calendar and pay your employees holiday pay based on your chosen holiday rate either reducing their annual allowance or using time/money accrued by the employees.

What KashFlow Payroll can do for your business

Automated payroll approval

With automated payroll, including holiday pay, your data is processed in one go at the end of the week or month. This doesn’t require extra user input, giving you a hassle-free and fast way to pay your team.

Easy to use

KashFlow’s Payroll software includes information pointers on terms and concepts like Tax Calculation Method, so both you and your employees always know what you’re looking at.

Work online

Update employee records from anywhere and keep them stored safely on the cloud. With the same security as online banks, KashFlow will keep your data safe.

Employee self-service

Every employee can access payslips and their individual data from anywhere, at any time, to cut down your admin time.

Integrates with KashFlow Bookkeeping

Transfer pay details into your books for a comprehensive look at your business finances – ideal for profit and loss accounts and other financial reports.

Real time payroll updates

Edit payslips and KashFlow’s payroll software will update your payroll run. It also automatically submits your Real Time Information (RTI) submissions of P60s or P11D forms when you’re done.

Understanding Payroll

If you’re new to payroll, and still wondering whether to adopt payroll software for your business, you’ll probably find the next section useful.

What is Payroll software?

Payroll software is a digital business solution designed to simplify the process of paying employees.

Using payroll software for a small business has a number of advantages. It can cut down your workload by automatically producing payslips, P45s, P60s and other forms.

It also reduces the room for error by automatically deducting tax and National Insurance Contributions for you and sending tax returns. Further to this, you can automate tasks like year-end reporting.

With payroll software, you can schedule recurring payments, either weekly or monthly, to help get your employees paid on time. As KashFlow Payroll supports a wide range of BACS file formats that you can download and feed in to your banking software, you can pay employees automatically too.

How to setup payroll for the first time

If this is your first time hiring someone, then you’ll need to register as an employer with HM Revenue and Customs. Registering as an employer can take up to 6 weeks, and it must be done before the first payday. Note, however, that you can’t register more than 2 months before the first payday.

The majority employers can register online, which you can do here.

Once you’ve registered, add your employee details into your KashFlow Payroll software and report pay, deductions and other relevant information to HM Revenue and Customs.

Remember to keep a record of this information for at least the legal minimum of 3 years. The information you have to keep includes:

  • How much your employees are paid, and any deductions you’ve made
  • A copy of all reports and payments made to HMRC
  • A record of employee leave and absences
  • Tax code notice
  • Any taxable expenses or benefits claimed
  • Documents relating to a Payroll Giving Scheme, if relevant

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How much does it cost?

Manage everything from payroll to pensions in a couple of clicks

KashFlow Payroll


For up to 5 employees


Per month + VAT

Orange tick in a circle.£1.13 per additional employee

Automatic Enrolment add-on available (£1 per employee, min. £13.50 for 5 employees)

Orange tick in a circle. Unlimited functionality

Orange tick in a circle. Weekly or monthly payslips

Orange tick in a circle. Calculates Tax & NI for you

Free ESS

 First company free – £2 per additional company

 Track staff holiday entitlement and pay Holiday Pay

Only enter data once with integrated bookkeeping & payroll

KashFlow Payroll

Plus Accounting

For up to 5 employees


Per month + VAT

Orange tick in a circle.£1.13 per additional employee

Automatic Enrolment add-on available (£1 per employee min. £13.50 for 5 employees)

Orange tick in a circle. Unlimited functionality

Weekly or monthly payslips

Calculates Tax & NI for you

Free ESS

 First company free – £2 per additional company

Track staff holiday entitlement and pay Holiday Pay

   All the benefits of KashFlow Accounting Software

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