An Easier Way

KashFlow’s new Payments tab enables you to take card and/or bank payments from customers via our secure payment gateways, and gives you the option of adding a ‘pay online’ button to your invoices – simplifying how you get paid.

Activation is easy, and once you’ve signed up you’ll start to see an immediate increase in the flow of cash into your company thanks to features allowing you to manage the entire chain of events within the payment process.

Already a KashFlow user?

Activate KashFlow Payments

KashFlow does the work so you don’t have to, and here’s how:

Card Payments

  • Simple setup via WorldPay
  • ‘Pay Online’ button on all invoices
  • Instant payments from customers
  • Take card details and process secure payments

Bank Payments

  • Simple online setup via GoCardless
  • ‘Pay Online’ option for customers
  • Receive instant online payments
  • Set up recurring Direct Debits
  • Automate the payment chain

Making your business better

Getting paid keeps your business ticking over – the sooner that happens, the easier the running of your business becomes and the quicker it can grow.

Rather than simply developing software that raises invoices, we’ve designed KashFlow Payments to help solve real business challenges by collecting payments on time. Through this solution-led approach you can dramatically improve your financial planning and productivity.

KashFlow Payments provides you with choice and control over your payment options, and all transactions are recorded systematically – a key feature that will ensure you’re always on top of your finances.

This equates to vital time saved and leaves you to get on with what you do best – building your business.

Did you know?

Recent surveys have shown that:


Only 30% of KashFlow’s users are paid on time


50% of users receive payment at least 30 days late


70% of you pay your suppliers promptly


UK small businesses are owed in excess of £25bn at any given time

72 days

On average, UK SMEs wait a staggering 72 days for payment of invoices

App Integration

By enabling card payments through WorldPay’s online gateway, and bank payments via direct debit facilitator GoCardless, you will have access to a global array of customers at your fingerstips. Take a look at some of the benefits these features provide:


  • Simple setup
  • Take instant payments via secure web page
  • Real-time reporting
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fraud protection & risk management


  • Online setup
  • Complete control over recurring bank payments
  • Time saving
  • Fully automated
  • User-friendly interface

Need more reasons to switch to online card and bank payments?
Look no further:

Direct Debit

Save time

8 out of 10 people agree that Direct Debits save time

1 in 10

1 in 10 people don’t carry cash

Up to 24%

Reduce customer attrition by up to 24%

Card Payments

Accepting card payments can increase turnover by a third

5 Billion

Direct Debits are the most popular method of bill-paying in UK Over 5 BILLION transactions/year

One Direct Debit

75% of UK population have at least ONE Direct Debit set up

Volume doubled

The volume of Direct Debits has more than doubled in the last decade

Safe and easy

85% of Direct Debit users agree that it’s a safe and easy way to pay bills

The Bottom Line

We know taking small yet fundamental steps can lead to big advances in how your business performs – it’s what we specialise in. That’s why we’re 100% committed to the continued development of innovative, powerful tools to make running your business as straightforward as possible.

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