KashFlow Payments

Introducing KashFlow Payments: an easy way of collecting payments quickly & securely.

Speedier payment collection for small businesses

Chasing payments is frustrating and time consuming. To help small businesses get paid faster, we’ve built a number of features into KashFlow:

  • Take payments by card – face-to-face, on mobile or over the phone by choosing a payment provider best suited to your business model.
  • Add a “pay online” button to your invoices and receive card payments in 2 or 3 working days.
  • Save time and stay organised by setting up recurring direct debits.
  • Take secure bank or card payments via our secure payment gateways.
  • Track all of your payments from one place, and remind customers of missing payments with automatic prompts.

KashFlow accounting software covers the entire payment process, from issuing an invoice to paying the money into your bank account – saving you time and energy, and helping you get everything right.

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Card Payments

  • Receive prompt, assured online payments – improving cashflow
  • No need to chase late payments
  • Add a “pay online” button to your invoices
  • Choose from a range of payment providers
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Direct Debit

  • Receive automated recurring or one-off bank payments
  • Reduce admin payments time for you and your customers
  • Ease of initial online set-up
  • Service provided by our approved partner, GoCardless

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How to get paid faster

We’ve teamed with a number of world-leading partners to offer different payment collection methods to our customers. Click on each logo to learn more about they can help you get paid faster.

Taking a card payment.

Why take payment by card?

As we move further into a cashless society, we see more and more of the benefits of taking card payments as a small business:

  • Improved speed of payment, with streamlined and secure payment methods
  • Payments guaranteed
  • Reduced admin in chasing late payments, with automated processes in KashFlow’s accounting software
  • Further reductions in time and energy, with no need to bank cheques, file paperwork and other redundant tasks
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How would you like to take card payments?

How do you get paid? Make it easier for yourself by choosing the method best suited for your small business.

Take payments in person via a card reader

Take payments online via a secure gateway

“Pay online” button on your KashFlow invoices

Take secure online payments with a simple setup process.

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Collect card payments in person, online or over the phone with guaranteed payments in 2 to 3 days.

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Take card payments on the go and online with Square, and see all your sales in one place.

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Offer your customers more ways to pay and take instant payments via a secure web page.

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Take online money transfer with one of the world’s leading online payment systems.

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Collect customer payments by Direct Debit

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Take online Direct Debit payments from your customers with GoCardless.

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Complement your card payments with online Direct Debits – perfect for membership renewals and other recurring payments.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are fully protected by The Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme.

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Making your business better

From freelancers to company directors, chasing late payments is the bane of every small business owner’s life.

In fact, the Federation of Small Businesses estimate that 1 in 3 payments to small businesses are late. They also found that over £26 billion is owed to UK small businesses, and that around 50,000 of them are forced out of business as a result.

Adopting accounting software like KashFlow can help you solve real business challenges by collecting payments earlier.

KashFlow accounting software provides you with choice and control over your payment options.

  • Choose from a number of secure and world-leading payment partners
  • Invoice on site, with a “pay online” button for instant card payments or a one off bank transfer collection
  • Link KashFlow to whichever bank accounts you choose so the money goes where it’s needed

All your transactions are recorded systematically, so you’ll always be on top of your finances.

With your payments under control, your financial planning and productivity will soon be improved. This equates to vital time saved and leaves you to get on with what you do best – building your business.

Did you know?


1 in 3 UK businesses receive payment late


70% of you pay your suppliers promptly


UK small businesses are owed in excess of £25bn at any given time

72 days

On average, UK SMEs wait a staggering 72 days for payment of invoices

Changing payment methods

The way people pay is changing – with an overall move towards a cashless and contactless society.

Your customers won’t be any different, so why not get ahead of the curve and expand your small business payment options?

Other payment features you’ll love

Record batch payments on sales.

Record batch payment on sales

Record payment for multiple invoices from a customer as one payment to save you having to pay each one manually.

Advanced payment and deposits

Record advanced payments and deposits for customers in the invoices and stats section of the customer profile.

Add multiple payment methods

You can set up multiple payment methods that you can apply to invoices and purchase receipts.

Add a “pay online” button

Send invoices from the KashFlow app with a “pay online” button included so that you can get paid faster than ever.

Set payment terms

Set either default payment terms for new customers or define individual payment terms for your existing customers.

See how KashFlow works with your business and your books