Time consuming, complicated, boring but necessary – that’s what most people think when you mention the word bookkeeping. And yes, you’re right. That’s why we came up with Kashflow to ease the pain of keeping the books, leaving you to the task of running your business, not having your head in the books.

You’ve probably heard of the main desktop software programmes like Sage and QuickBooks – but if you’ve ever tried to use them you’ll find you could do with a degree in accounting to understand what it’s all about. Kashflow is an entirely online application for bookkeeping. Just log in and get to work. The user interface is intuitive, the design means it is easy to browse and it does everything you need, whether you’re a freelancer or a small to medium sized business.

The main tasks for a bookkeeper are entering data, logging receipts, invoices, ingoings, outgoings and so on. Thankfully the days of keeping hand written ledgers are gone and our online system you only have to enter the details once, then the clever number-crunching programme does the rest to produce all the reports you want, including current UK tax and VAT return forms.

At the click of a button you’ll have all the bookkeeping features that normally take hours to master, such as credit control, an invoicing tool that converts quotes into invoices easily, export and import features and stock control. The stock management part is unique to our application, so if you sell this feature will really make your life easier for you.

In fact, we designed this comprehensive package so that all your record keeping is done and managed in one place. Ideal for those with little or no bookkeeping experience, it means you’ll be able to manage your business yourself, or at least in-house, rather than paying hefty bills for outside help from a bookkeeper. That said, we’ve found many professional bookkeeping and accountancy firms have also made the decision to run our programme as it makes it even easier for communicating and working with clients who have Kashflow.

Keep your books safe and secure

In case you’re worried about the fact that this is a web-based application, rather than standard bookkeeping software that sits on your computer, don’t be. Our servers are as secure as banks and you are in charge of your logins and passwords. All data is uploaded and saved to the ‘cloud’, so it takes up zero space on your hard drive (and believe us, those desk top packages take up a lot!) and can be considered even more secure for your company as the financial details are stored ‘off site’.

If you do have any concerns or questions whilst using our bookkeeping solution, it’ll help to know we are here 24 hours a day for you. Our knowledgeable team knows all the ins and outs to give you advice, whether it’s your very first time and you need assistance with the set up, or you are a long-term client. Our system is also very flexible as it works on both PCs and MACS and the features and reports play ball with other leading applications such as Dropbox and e-commerce services like PayPal.

So there you have it – an easy to use online bookkeeping tool that is user friendly and cost effective, designed by people in small business, for small businesses who need a bookkeeper. If you’re interested, we offer a 14-day free trial so you can see for yourself what Kashflow is all about.

bookkeeping guide downloadAs bookkeeping procedures evolve it’s imperative that you have a sound knowledge of current practices in order to keep your business afloat.

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