Small Business Bookkeeping

A small business bookkeeping system that works with you

KashFlow grows as your business venture does. Our internet-based software is intuitive, easy to use and flexible and you can set it up to suit your business’s model and your personal preferences.

If you have just created or are thinking about starting your own company, the question of accounting and keeping up with all the procedures and paperwork can be really off-putting. If you are in the throes of taking your first steps into the world of being your own boss, we can help. Likewise, those already running an enterprise will find that making the switch to Kashflow will save you time, effort and money.

The beauty of the system is in its simplicity. Perfectly adaptable to you, the programme can replace a simple cash book system, or be able to run an SME with several employees and a more consequential turnover. The small business bookkeeping template is all there for you and once set up to your requirements , it’s a case of entering the information and figures relating to your transactions and financial activity.

The process of recording along with all the financial details sorted, Kashflow then ensures things like the end of period procedures are a doddle to perform. A few clicks later and you’ll have your trial balance for producing reports for tax returns and closing the books at the end of the fiscal year will be far less painful than before too.

Compatibility, ease of use and expandable too – the keys to small business bookkeeping choice of software

Of course, many of our clients solely use our software, whilst others utilise the system for their in-house record keeping before handing over to accountants to produce the reports and so on. In this case, many accountants are familiar with Kashflow and are able to make use of the same system to work on your accounts – especially as it is accessible from any computer, anywhere.

We also play ball when it comes to add ons. Most small business bookkeeping needs these days include invoicing, credit control and quoting and we’ve got that covered. There’s even a stock control element too. And it is completely compatible with e-commerce solutions like PayPal to make your life as straightforward as possible.

If you start using Kashflow as a freelance or sole trader, then as the business develops and you perhaps take on staff, start keeping more stock or even crack the export market, then your set up will evolve with you, so whether you find yourself needing reports and audits so you can get finance from a bank to expand, or need to manage increasingly large volumes of invoices, it’ll all be taken in your stride.

And remember, you don’t need to be a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants to use and make sense of our small business bookkeeping software, but when you do need some help or advice, our team is ready and waiting with solutions and suggestions to keep you keeping those accounts up to date with the minimum of effort. Go here to read a quick summary of how KashFlow’s bookkeeping system can help your small business.

See how KashFlow works with your business and your books