KashFlow SOAP API Documentation

The KashFlow SOAP API is a fully featured SOAP/XML webservice that exposes much of the functionality of the KashFlow online accounting software. It enables other computer programs and websites to exchange data with a KashFlow account.

It can be used by existing KashFlow customers to integrate with their existing websites and systems or by companies wishing to extend their own products or create new products using our API as the accounting engine.

There is no charge to use the API. All you need is a KashFlow account with the API enabled. KashFlow accounts are available to try for free for 14 days.

The possibilities are limitless.

Getting Started with the API

Whilst some of the existing scripts and software can be used with little or no technical knowledge, developing new applications or integrating an existing website with the API does require technical knowledge.

Read our online manual for information on the methods available.



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