KashFlow is a full featured, online accounting application. The main address for the site is KashFlow.com

The Web Service (SOAP API) allows external programs to query, modify and enter data into an existing KashFlow account.

KashFlow accounts are totally free of charge for a trial period. After that period customers can start a monthly subscription.

The API is available for free with all KashFlow accounts.

For an application to access a customers KashFlow account, it must have the username and password for the customers KashFlow account. Additionally, the customer must allow access to the IP address that will initiate API requests. See Enable The API.

The API is hosted on a secure (SSL) server, so all traffic between the API and the consuming application is encrypted.

The address of the Webservice is https://securedwebapp.com/api/service.asmx

Any bugs, or feature requests should be sent to [email protected].