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Why you should use KashFlow as your online invoice software

Your VAT Returns

No matter the size of your business or if you work alone, you can’t afford to miss any HMRC deadlines. So with KashFlow VAT Returns and EC Sales lists can all be filed directly to HMRC, from within the software. KashFlow are helping businesses prepare for Making Tax Digital.

Your Invoicing

There are many great features for invoicing within KashFlow, you have an unlimited amount that you can customise, edit, email or print and you can even set up automatic invoicing and reminders.

Your Payments

KashFlow automatically lists any payments received and shows the amount now owed, so you can clearly see who owes you what and how much is coming into your business.

Your Banking

KashFlow simplifies banking, linking with your online banking and automating reconciliation.

Your Payroll

KashFlow Payroll integrates with KashFlow bookkeeping allowing you to easily see how much money will leave your account for staff wages and links with HMRC.

Your Quotes and Estimates

It’s really easy to create quotes or estimates in KashFlow and you can create as many as you like with no hidden charges. You can convert quotes to invoices with the click of a button including the ability to customise your invoices.

Your Reports

You will never be short of reporting options in KashFlow. Check your profit & loss, see your balance sheet and customer reports, view your income by payment method, sales type and and source. These are just a small selection of the reports on offer.

Your Apps

There are a multitude of Apps within KashFlow that can make running your business easier. Apps like GoCardless, PayPal and WorldPay can help you get paid faster and apps like ReceiptBank can help with your VAT returns and expenses.

Making Tax Digital

Pretty soon the way you do your taxes will change forever. HMRC are working towards making tax digital, where all of your business taxes will be done online. Whilst making tax digital is still being tweaked, it is important to start using cloud based bookkeeping or accounting software now to make sure you’re ready for the big change and avoid penalties.

Our customers were asked about KashFlow

And here’s what they said:

Tony Cook

KashFlow provides you with a convenient and affordable system that is extremely easy-to-use. We have tried other products on the market and none even come close.

Tony Cook, Celtic Tuning
Rachel Davis

Easy to use, especially for someone with little experience of using accounting software before.

Rachel Davis, accuracymatters.co.uk
Corrado Mella

Takes away number crunching headaches better than a painkiller.

Corrado Mella, scotbbtel.co.uk
Ian Rhodes

The KashFlow Software is ridiculously straightforward and you get the immediate feeling that the package is designed with your own needs in mind.

Ian Rhodes, I.R. Marketing Consultancy
Theresa Stinson

Things like invoicing fill me with dread! KashFlow, once set up, does all the work. It’s brilliant!

Theresa Stinson, CODE Public Relation
Lou Moon

Love it, best package I've used and I have 15 years experience!

Lou Moon, va-toolbox.co.uk