Add a ‘pay online’ button

Get paid faster! KashFlow’s new Payments tab enables you to take card and/or bank payments from customers via the KashFlow secure payment gateways, and gives you the option of adding a ‘pay online’ button to your invoices – simplifying how you get paid.


Payment integration

By enabling card payments through WorldPay’s online gateway, and direct debit payments with GoCardless, you will have access to a global array of customers at your finger tips.

Payment methods

You can set up multiple payment methods that you can apply to invoices and purchase receipts.


Payment terms

Set either default payment terms for new customers or define individual payment terms for your existing customers.

Other payment features you will love

Record batch payment on sales

Record payment for multiple invoices from a customer as one payment to save you having to pay each one manually.

Advanced payment and deposits

Record advanced payments and deposits for customers in the invoices and stats section of the customer profile.

Did you know?

See what our recent survey has said about late payments in small businesses. Plus get more reasons to switch to online card and bank payments to help you get paid quicker.

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