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Get paid faster online, in person and by phone.

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KashFlow + Global Payments

Process card payments & improve your profitability with preferential rates.

KashFlow has partnered with Global Payments to offer a seamless, secure and resilient payment solution to our valued customers. As a KashFlow customer, you’ll enjoy preferential card processing rates, no set-up fees and a seamless transition to Global Payments, with support every step of the way.

Construction Architect.

For speedy, secure payments across multiple channels in your industry…

Perfect for:

How does it work:

Online payments.


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IT contractors, online retailers, arts and creative industries…

Online shopping. Art and Creative industries. IT Services.

An ideal way of collecting customer-not-present payments, KashFlow & Global Payments offer a secure online portal that makes it quick and easy to accept card payments from customers and log these figures straight into your accounts.

Phone payments.

By phone

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Professional and business services, wholesalers, manufacturers…

Professional. Wholesalers. Manufacturing.

Global Payments provide the tools you’ll need to validate and accept payments by phone – meaning you can provide sales support and close the sale in a smoother than ever process.

In person payments.

In person

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Retailers, market stalls, construction workers,
transport and removals…

Retail. Construction. Transport.

Global Payments support a wide range of in-person payments including Apple Pay, Android Pay, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and many more. This gives you greater chance to close the sale and win your customers over.

Why choose Global Payments?

Innovative Technology:

Global Payments delivers the latest technology so you can stay ahead of payment trends and improve conversion across your chosen payment channel.


Global Payments pride themselves in delivering a world-class service to customers, with the insight and expertise you need to simplify payments for you and your customers.


Global Payments constantly evaluate and improve their payment solutions to ensure they are as seamless, simple and cost-efficient as possible.

Global Payments Logo.

About Global Payments

Global Payments provides multichannel payment technology and software solutions with worldwide coverage. Every solution is built on customer insight that enable merchants to accept more payments, anywhere on any platform and on any device.

Global Payments helps customers to sell locally and globally, with the insight, support and expertise you need to truly grow.

“The Realex solution with Global Payments really simplifies the payments process for our customers, plus, we don’t handle any cardholder details which simplifies our PCI obligations. It is an online payment solution that really delivers on customer experience, it’s fast, reliable and completely seamless.”


“Global Payments’ Realex solution really helped us get the business off the ground by delivering excellent service level from the outset. Global Payments guaranteed Directski.com met our target launch date so we could meet demand for a whole ski season of online sales. It’s so important for our business to have a payment system that just works and that we don’t ever have to worry about – and that describes our payments solution with Global Payments”


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