This is a method from the KashFlow Accounting Software SOAP API


Using this method, you can seamlessly log a user in to KashFlow from your own application.

Just provide us with the username and password and we’ll give you a link to direct them to.

The link will only work once, and will expire after 120 seconds.

So if you need to log them in again, you’ll need to call the function again to get a new URL.

You can append an additional URL to the query string in the returned URL if you want to redirect them to specific page after logging them in

So adding ?r=bank.asp to the URL will take them to the bank page after logging them in.

Note: for this method to work, the user must enable “Remote Login” in Settings -> APi Settings. If this isn’t enabled we’ll still provide you with a link, but when you redirect them to it they’ll be asked to manually log in.