This is a method from the KashFlow Accounting Software SOAP API


A user can restrict access to the API to a specified list of IP addresses.

Sometimes you may want to access the API via a device that has an IP address that changes regularly (typically a mobile device) and this makes the IP restrictions impractical.

Rather than suggesting users set the API settings to allow access from any IP address you should use this method to automatically add your IP address to the access list.

The user needs to enable “AutoAuth” by going to Settings -> API Settings and clicking the link to edit the IP address list.

They’ll be given an AutoAuthKey which you will need to pass to us in the this method in order to add your IP to the authorised list.

You don’t need to pass us your IP address. The API will automatically detect the IP address of the host that called this method. 


The name of your application. This is used in the comment for the IP listing so the user knows which application added the IP address
This is the AutoAuthKey mentioned above. It should be provided to you by the user. The AutoAuthKey is a hex string in the format: 1234ABCD-1234