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FRS VAT and Crossover Periods

If the VAT periods you are reporting on overlap a change in VAT Flat Rate Scheme rates, then your VAT report needs to be calculated partially on the old rate and partially on the new rate. KashFlow makes that easy. Go to Settings -> VAT Settings. Set your current FRS…

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Submitting VAT

In this article, we will go through the new Taxes dashboard and your VAT submissions. Under the Taxes tab you will find your new Taxes dashboard. This dashboard replaces the use of VAT Management and Reports which you would usually find under your Reports tab. Clicking onto your VAT tab…

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VAT Flat Rate Scheme

What is it? The default HMRC VAT schemes requires to declare and pay the full amount of VAT charged on sales/invoices to HMRC. The Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) for VAT lets you reclaim some of that money. How does it work Under the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) for VAT, you…

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