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Changing Bank Reconciliation Style

If you are currently using our old style bank reconciliation then you might fancy an update to our new style which makes reconciling clearer and more efficient. If you do then there are a few steps you need to follow to make sure the transfer all goes smoothly. A screenshot…

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Reconciliation Settings

This guidance advises on a very important reconciliation setting in KashFlow. Reconciliation Date You can set a Reconciliation Date by going to Bank > click the Pencil icon next to the account that you would like to specify a reconciliation date for. If you have previously reconciled your statement up until a certain date (usually this is…

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Reconciliation Troubleshooting – Missing Transactions

This guidance advises on the causes and steps to take when your bank reconciliation is missing transactions. If when reconciling you find that there is transactions missing there are two principle causes; the transactions have been modified whilst the reconciliation was in progress, or the transactions have been reconciled in…

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