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The KashFlow bank feeds service allows you to connect to your online banking service and import your transactions directly from there into your KashFlow account, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. Previously, to import transactions from your bank you would have to use our bank transactions CSV importer. This requires…

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Bank Feeds – Accountants

With bank feeds, we’ve introduced a unique feature to KashFlow Connect that allows you full control over what clients do or don’t have access to bank feeds. We’ve introduced these options in IRIS KashFlow Connect. Setting all new clients to have bank feeds enabled or disabled by default When creating…

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Bank Feeds – Choosing your source

You have a choice of where you want your bank feed transactions to come from. Selecting your source When you activate bank feeds on your bank account in KashFlow, you’ll be taken to a setup screen to choose where you want your bank transactions to come from. You can choose between…

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Bank Feeds – CSV format

Most banks allow you to download your transactions or statement in CSV format. You can use that file as a source of transactions for your bank feed.   Template You will need to make sure the transactions you want to upload match the format KashFlow expects. Sample file: BankTransactionsSample.csv The bank feeds…

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Bank Feeds – Disconnecting Account

If you no longer require the system to be directly linked to your bank account then this link can be removed. This will leave all current converted transactions in your account and will not have any impact on your current data. You can Disconnect by navigating to the Bank Section,…

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Bank Feeds – Future Plans

We’ve spent a lot of time doing a lot of work behind the scenes on bank feeds and this current implementation is our first steps into some great new functionality in KashFlow. Whilst this current implementation allows you to connect to your bank and import your transactions directly, replacing the CSV…

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Bank Feeds – Security

The security of our users is our primary concern, that’s why we’ve chosen to be completely transparent regarding the bank feeds implementation. The KashFlow Automatic Bank Feed service is being powered by Yodlee, the market leader in aggregation of data from banking and finance institutions. Yodlee is set to be…

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Bank Feeds – Step 1 – Setting Up

This article describes how to connect an online banking account to a KashFlow bank account. To start, go to Bank, then click the Bank Feeds button next to the account you want to link. You will be prompted to read and accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the bank feeds…

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