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New KashFlow

For a while now, we’ve been hard at work developing a new, faster, modern KashFlow and are happy to announce that we’ve begun the process of rolling it out! This page is a centralised resource where you can find out what’s new in the new application, changes, new functionality and…

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New KashFlow: Removed & Modified Settings

In the new KashFlow, we’ve taken time to refine the settings area and reorganise them somewhat and remove some unused settings entirely. This section details some removed and modified settings and functionality. We’ll be doing significant work to how settings are managed and available within the application in the near…

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New KashFlow: Switch Instructions

If you have decided it is time to give your KashFlow a refresh and also want to make the most of our new pricing and bank feeds,  and enjoy our fresh new design, then you can switch at any point. Before you make this switch though there are some things…

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New KashFlow: What’s New & Release Notes

The KashFlow has been completely re-engineered and contains lots of improvements and new functionality throughout, all whilst trying to keep the experience as familiar as possible to the classic KashFlow and retaining the magic that made the classic application an intuitive, simple and easy to use system. Key Changes Layout…

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Sage Codes

This guidance explains what the Sage Codes contained in the Sage Export are, and also the KashFlow equivalent.

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