New KashFlow: Removed & Modified Settings

In the new KashFlow, we’ve taken time to refine the settings area and reorganise them somewhat and remove some unused settings entirely. This section details some removed and modified settings and functionality. We’ll be doing significant work to how settings are managed and available within the application in the near future and documentation will be published should any further changes be made.

Removed & Modified Settings

Advanced Settings

  • Support Tab – Previously we had a support tab that you can submit a ticket to us from any page. We’ve not had this enabled for a long time now and so have removed the option. You can submit a ticket and access our Knowledge Base by clicking Help from the main menu.

  • The following options have been moved to the chart of accounts page as most of our users were looking for them there and it is a more logical place to put them.

    • Access to nominal codes

    • Configure nominal codes

    • Enable journal

    • Codes in List

  • PDFs in new window – This option is now no longer relevant as all PDFs open in a new window

  • Disable Drop Downs – As we’ve reconfigured dropdowns and are now mandatorily searchable if the list contains more than 100 items this option has been removed.

  • Convert Bank Transactions – As only a handful of users were using this option it has been removed.

  • Notes – Notes are now enabled throughout the application and cannot be disabled

  • Animate Charts – This option was only disabled by a handful of users and as such was removed.

  • Replace Tabs With Spaces – A minimal amount of users used this option and as such was removed.

  • Tab Customer Pages – This option was enabled by default, we found that  a very small amount of customers were disabling it. We plan on re-inventing these sections shortly.

  • Plain Financial Reports – As before, this option was nearly never enabled so the decision was taken to remove it.

  • Balance Sheet Format – Previously we allowed two styles of balance sheet, this has been changed so that they’re always presented in the standard style.

  • Split Screen Bank Rec – Previously we had two styles of bank reconciliation, old style and new split-screen; the old style has now been removed and all bank reconciliations will be done in the new style. If you were on old style bank reconciliation these reconciliations will now not be accessible. A Similar approach to is required

Display Settings

  • Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs have been removed from the new application.

  • Colours – Custom colour options have now been removed. We’ll be introducing further customisation options further down the line, for the moment all users will have the standard colours.

  • Support Tab – Previously we had a support tab that you can submit a ticket to us from any page. We’ve not had this enabled for a long time now and so have removed the option. You can submit a ticket and access our Knowledge Base by clicking Help from the main menu.

  • VAT Liability – You could previously define if your VAT liability was quarterly or monthly, this is now based on your VAT settings and the option removed.

Invoice Options

  • Email Sent Icon – This is now a persistent feature in your invoice list and the application will always behave as if it is enabled.

  • Previous & Next Buttons – Previous and next buttons have been replaced with Keyboard Shortcuts and as such the option has been removed.

Quote Settings

  • Include Totals In List – In KashFlow Classic you could decide if to include the total value of quotes in the quotes list page. This option was very rarely modified and so was removed.

Purchase Order Settings

  • Quantity On Receipts – In KashFlow classic, we gave you the option to remove the quantity field on purchases. This option was very rarely used and as such has been removed.

  • Button to Print Purchase Orders – Previously in KashFlow classic there was an option to enable or disable purchase orders. This has been removed and a button for emailing and printing purchase order will show on a purchase at all times.


  • Old style Taxes – this is currently available only to users who had it switched on prior to 13/03/2013 in classic KashFlow, has been removed from the new application.

Language Changes

  • Types are now Codes – Previously you had Sales Types, Outgoing Types and Transaction Types. To simplify things we’ve renamed these to Sales Codes, Purchases Codes and Transaction Codes respectively.

  • Repeating Items – Previously we had repeat billing, repeat purchases, and repeat transactions with the words recurring and repeated interchanged. We’ve unified these and will refer to these as repeat invoices, repeat purchases and repeat transactions throughout the app consistently.


  • Convert to Quote Change – A change has been made to convert to quote, previously on KashFlow classic when a quote was converted you were prompted to decide if to delete the quote, keep the quote and so on – this has now been removed and instead your default settings in Settings > Quote Settings will be used.


  • Attachments – Attachments in purchases are now wholly available through Dropbox. This means that any attachments attached through our legacy service (uploaded direct to KashFlow, attached through the QuickSnap application for example) will no longer be available. When you log in you will be prompted to migrate your files using the migration service.

Overview Page

  • PayPal & EKM Importer – The importers are currently not responsive and so won’t adapt based on screen size. Importing should take place on the desktop only for the moment.

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