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Customer Sources

KashFlow gives you the option of selecting a customer source letting you record how you acquired this customer. This can be used for reporting. It is particularly useful in monitoring where you are getting most of your business from. This could be from referrals, advertising campaigns, partner companies etc. Setting Up A…

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Using Custom Fields for Customers

Although we supply the means for you to record the fundamental information of your Customers, we understand you may on occasion want or require the capacity to record further details. Kashflow allows this by allowing you to create up to 20 additional Custom Fields to appear under your Customer’s “Other…

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Using Skype to Contact Customers

As technology advances and businesses expand from local to national and international markets, communication at a distance is becoming increasingly more versatile and necessary. One of the most adaptable and flexible cross-platform means for communication is via “Skype” software. This offers you the opportunity to instant message, offline message, audio and…

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