Using Skype to Contact Customers

As technology advances and businesses expand from local to national and international markets, communication at a distance is becoming increasingly more versatile and necessary. One of the most adaptable and flexible cross-platform means for communication is via “Skype” software. This offers you the opportunity to instant message, offline message, audio and video call people on their phones, tablets, game consoles, and desktops from anywhere in the civilised world.

Kashflow not only allows you to keep record of a Customer’s Skype information, but to launch Skype communication with them directly from their Customer details page. To set this up you will first need to define a field to enter their Skype information:
Settings > Custom Customer Fields > In an empty field enter “Skype ID” or anything similar containing the word “Skype” > Save Settings

Google Chrome


Now you will want to navigate to the appropriate Customer to enter their Skype details via:
Customers > Click on the appropriate Customer > Other info > Enter there Skype ID name in the newly created field > If you have Skype installed on your current device, clicking the Skype icon alongside the field will open the program for immediate contact for your Customer as long as they are already a existing contact.


Google Chrome 2

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