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Adding a Note To Quotes, Invoices and Purchases

You may find sometimes when creating a quote, invoice, or recording a purchase, that you need a specific note on the document to send to the Customer/Supplier. An example of this would be maybe sending a purchase order where you need to state reverse charge will be applied. Adding a…

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Creating a Purchase Receipt

Any purchases you make will need to be recorded in KashFlow, this is done by creating a purchase receipt – in other software this may be known as a purchase invoice. Create a new receipt by going to Purchases > Create+. Creating a Purchase Receipt A purchase receipt can be created…

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Purchase Codes

You can view existing Purchase Codes by going to Settings > Chart of Accounts or Purchases > Purchase Codes. Purchase codes can be thought of as categories of expenditure. A Purchase Code will appear on reports, such as the Trial Balance and Profit & Loss reports. Purchase codes can contain sub / product Codes, and…

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Purchase Orders

What is a purchase order? A purchase order (abbreviated to PO) is a document that specifies the type, quantity and agreed price for products and services. It is issued from buyers to sellers and acts as confirmation of an order. Purchase orders are primarily used to control the purchasing of…

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Recording Purchase Payments

This guidance advises on how to apply a payment to an existing purchase. You will first need to select the purchase you want pay off by clicking Purchases and then select your purchase form the list, or run a quick search for it in the search box. The payment can all…

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