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Adding a Note To Quotes, Invoices and Purchases

You may find sometimes when creating a quote, invoice, or recording a purchase, that you need a specific note on the document to send to the Customer/Supplier. An example of this would be maybe sending a purchase order where you need to state reverse charge will be applied. Adding a…

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Creating a Purchase Receipt

Any purchases you make will need to be recorded in KashFlow, this is done by creating a purchase receipt – in other software this may be known as a purchase invoice. Create a new receipt by going to Purchases > Create+. Creating a Purchase Receipt A purchase receipt can be created…

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Purchase Codes

You can view existing Purchase Codes by going to Settings > Chart of Accounts or Purchases > Purchase Codes. Purchase codes can be thought of as categories of expenditure. A Purchase Code will appear on reports, such as the Trial Balance and Profit & Loss reports. Purchase codes can contain sub / product Codes, and…

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Purchase Orders

In order to create a Purchase Order within KashFlow, first this feature needs to be enabled. This can be enabled in Settings> Purchase Order Options, then tick Enabled. This will then turn any unpaid receipts in to Purchase Orders until a payment is made, it will then convert to a…

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Recording Purchase Payments

This guidance advises on how to apply a payment to an existing purchase. You will first need to select the purchase you want pay off by clicking Purchases and then select your purchase form the list, or run a quick search for it in the search box. The payment can all…

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