Repeat Purchases

The Repeat Purchase function is perfect if you regularly get billed from a Supplier, this can be useful for subscription fees for example. Access repeat purchases in Purchases > Repeat Purchases. Add a Repeat Purchase by clicking + Create.

You will then see that the top half of this page is a purchase template. The first thing to set will be:

  • Supplier Reference – This is the reference that your supplier will use to track your orders.
  • Description  – This should be a brief note to let you know what this repeat purchase is for.
  • Supplier – Here you need to press to change the supplier then use the supplier search option to find the relevant one.

You will then need to press to + Add Line Item to your purchase and fill in the details of the invoice, including the Purchase code, Qty, Rate and VAT details. You can add as many comments or line items as you need.

Next, you need to use the Settings section to set when, how often and for how long this repeat invoice should be created;

  • Create indefinitely – this will create the purchase receipt repeatedly until the repeat purchase is cancelled
  • Create set amount of times – this will create the purchase receipt a set amount of times that you type in the box
  • Create until specific date – this will continue to create the purchase receipt until the date that you sent.
  • Disabled – having this selected will mean that the purchase receipt will not be created.


  • Annually – this will create the purchase receipt once a year on the date selected
  • Monthly – this will create the purchase receipt once a month on the date entered
  • Multi Month – this will create the purchase receipt on a certain date on selected months only. Use this to create a quarterly bill for example. Select multiple months by pressing and holding the CTRL button your keyboard and selecting the months.
  • Weekly – this will create the purchase receipt once per week on the day of the week you select
  • Every X number of days – use this to create the purchase receipt every set number of days from a certain date.

You can also use the Record a payment function to record a payment automatically against this purchase receipt when it is generated;

  • No Payment – selecting this will not record a payment against the purchase receipt meaning you’ll need to do it manually
  • Record a payment – selecting this will allow you to record a set payment every time the repeat purchase is generated. The payment will be dated the same day that the receipt is created.


If you have a direct debit and it varies, this option may not be right for you. However, you could set up a Repeat Purchase that does not include payment so when the receipt is raised by our system, it will remain listed as “unpaid.” This would fill in the majority of details, and in theory, prompt you to go in change the figures.

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