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Accounting Periods

Accounting periods You will be able to view a client’s current accounting period in Clients > Company Name > Details > Edit Details. The period is also displayed in the client’s own account, in Settings > Company Details, where you can change it by clicking the Manage button on the right-hand side. Once you…

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Changing from Sole trader to Limited company

When your company changes from Sole trader to a limited company or vice versa, we recommend that you open a new KashFlow account for your limited company to keep everything separate. Then you can export suppliers and customers from your sole trader account by going to Reports> General Reports> Sage…

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Charities Using KashFlow

KashFlow is suitable for many organisations, including charities. If you are a registered charity, and would like to use KashFlow, we can offer you 6 months free usage. To get your 6 months free, set up your KashFlow account, and email [email protected] with the following information:- Your KashFlow username Your registered…

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Customers Screen

The Customers screen is where you can see a list of all your existing customers and add new ones too.

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The Dashboard lets you see at a glance critical information about your business, and perform common actions instantly. The dashboard is split into two columns and contains modules that are essentially windows or cards of specific business information that link to their appropriate section. Basics The dashboard is split into…

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