New KashFlow

For a while now, we’ve been hard at work developing a new, faster, modern KashFlow and are happy to announce that we’ve begun the process of rolling it out! This page is a centralised resource where you can find out what’s new in the new application, changes, new functionality and support resources.


Whats New?

The New KashFlow has been rebuilt from the ground up. It’s had a complete design overhaul and been re-engineered to be a much faster, easier to use and mobile and tablet friendly. You will now see a slicker design when logging in to through your phone or tablet browser. We’ve spent a lot of time working to improve the app, whilst still keeping the soul of the application that has made KashFlow such a success so far; everything is still easy, accessible and in plain English. Some key changes are;

  • New clean, modern and fluid user interface that is designed to make entering and accessing data faster, quicker and easier than ever before.
  • Fully responsive design allowing you to access KashFlow on nearly any device; desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Re-engineered from the ground up to be faster and quicker in all areas. As well as page loading times being much quicker, we’ve defined workflows throughout the application so that it’s much faster to do tasks.
  • Multi user is now in beta for quotes and invoices. Customers, suppliers and purchases and fully customisable permissions will be getting deployed shortly.
  • The first phase of bank feeds is now live – allowing you to import transactions directly from your bank. This is a feature exclusive to the new user interface.
  • Unified bank reconciliation is now available – this replaces the ‘split screen’ view and means that you can reconcile much easier. We’ve also greatly improved the workflow and introduced support for printing bank reconciliations.

The links below detail the changes, important information that you should know prior to changing, switch instructions and details on changes to settings available in the new application. We’ve also included the short term roadmap for additional functionality that will be rolling out to the application shortly.

Whats New & Release Notes
Switch Instructions
Removed & Modified Settings

Help & Support

Help and support for the new KashFlow is available as usual from the friendly KashFlow support team, reachable by emailing [email protected] or clicking here.

We’ve updated the KashFlow Support Knowledge Base articles to reflect these changes and will be supporting the new application there as standard.

For users of the classic application, we’ll continue to support this application by email as usual and have also migrated all the classic Knowledge Base articles to a separate service available by clicking here.


We’d also like to thank all the beta testers that took part in the creation of this app, you’re feedback and help have been invaluable throughout and everyone here is extremely grateful for your contribution.

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