Reconciliation Troubleshooting – Missing Transactions

This guidance advises on the causes and steps to take when your bank reconciliation is missing transactions. If when reconciling you find that there is transactions missing there are two principle causes; the transactions have been modified whilst the reconciliation was in progress, or the transactions have been reconciled in another bank reconciliation style.

Identify & Confirm Missing Transactions

First, confirm that the transactions are missing by going to Bank > View/Add Transactions. Ensure that the transactions you are expecting to see on your reconciliation are listed here, if not then they have been deleted – in this instance the only solution would be to recreate them, the audit trail may help identify what has been deleted.

If your transactions are listed here then move on to the next step.

Restarting the Reconciliation

The main cause of a transaction not showing is if the transaction has been modified in any way whilst a reconciliation was in progress. A modification can include a change in amount, date, comment, or transaction type. To solve this, go to Bank > Reconcile > Resume the current reconciliation > Abandon. This will abandon the current reconciliation that is in progress. After this reconciliation has been abandoned, restart it by going to Bank > Reconcile, your transactions should now display. If not, then your transactions will likely be currently reconciled via another bank reconciliation method.

Old Bank Reconciliation

If your transactions are still not showing it’s likely they are reconciled via the old bank reconciliation method. Check this by going to Settings > Advanced Settings > Untick the box for Split Screen Bank Rec > Update.

When this is done go to Bank > Reconcile > Enter in the statement start date as the start date of the bank account and any balance > Reconcile, any transactions ticked here will not be displayed on the split screen bank rec. To continue you will need to either untick all transactions or view our guidance on switching from old bank rec to new bank rec.

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