Telephone Payments – Step 1 – Setting up Telephone Payments

A great KashFlow feature is the ability to take card payments instantly over the phone or if you’ve collected them manually enter them into KashFlow and get paid instantly. When the payment is made it will be automatically recorded against the invoice. This is really easy to set up and we don’t charge a penny for it. These are referred to as ‘Cardholder Not Present’ transactions.

Google Chrome 6

Google Chrome 7

To begin, select your card processor from below;

We support the following payment processors for Telephone Payments

  • PayPal Pro
    Please note: a PayPal PRO account is required to take cardholder not present transactions. A standard PayPal account is unable to. To get one and for more details please click here. PayPal Pro is only available in the UK, USA and Canada.
  • Stripe
  • RealEx (globalpayments)
  • WorldPay
    Please note: WorldPay have the 3D security setting enabled by default with no option  to disable this. To use the Cardholder Not Present function you will need to contact WorldPay and request they disable this. For more information, click here
  • I don’t have one yet

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