E-Mail Templates

If you E-Mail through KashFlow often, you may find it easier to use E-Mail Templates. E-Mail Templates allows you to pick from a standard set of Templates to edit, or to create your own– you can even include HTML and text substitutions.

Setting Up

You can set up e-mail templates by going to Settings > E-Mail Templates. To setup a new template, just click the + Create button in the top right of the screen.

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You will then be prompted for a few details;

  1. Template Name – This is the name of your Template as it will appear in your drop-down lists. You should try to be quite specific, i.e. ‘Overdue Invoice Template’
  2. Subject – This is the E-Mail subject as it will appear to your Customer
  3. Message – This is the text that will appear in the E-Mail. You can choose if you would like to send this message as plain text or as HTML, you can also use text substitutions in this section.


Edit Email Template - KashFlow

When you’ve finished creating your template, just click the Save button.

Modifying an e-mail template

To modify an existing template just select one from the list and just follow the same process as described above.

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Using your e-mail template

You can now use your e-mail template in any e-mail screen within KashFlow. To use on an Invoice:

Invoices > Select the Invoice > Click the button with the E-Mail symbol

When you click on the Template Name drop down to select your Template and its respective details will automatically fill the E-Mail message body.

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