Project Settings

Project Settings allow you to determine how Projects in KashFlow should work. This guidance elaborates on each setting and its function. Access these settings by going to Settings > Project Settings


Within this page, use the options to;

  • Enable Projects – Ticking this switches on projects
  • Name – Use this field to rename projects to something more relevant if required, this should be the singular form as it will be automatically pluralized – i.e. “Department” not “Departments”
  • Date 1 – Use this to define how a Start Date should be displayed – i.e. “Job Commencing”
  • Date 2 – Use this to define how a End Date should be displayed – i.e. “Job Ending Target”
  • Give me the option to associate a Project with a specific customer – Tick this to enable the option to assign specific customers to a project, you can then go to Customers > Select a customer > Options > Select Project.
  • Include a Work In Progress (WIP) calcuation on my Project pages – Ticking this allows you to use Work In Progress calculations on your projects.
  • Include the Project name on printed and emailed Invoices – Tick this box to show the project name on the invoice.
  • Let me assign Journal lines to Projects – Tick this to allow journals to be assigned to projects. When creating or editing a journal entry simply use the project drop down to assign it to a project.
  • Let me assign bank transactions to Projects – Tick this box to allow bank transactions to be directly assigned to Projects. Assign them when creating or editing a bank transaction using the Project drop down.
  • Let me assign individual lines of Invoices to different Projects. – By default you assign entire invoices and purchases to a project. Instead, you can chose to set individual line items to a project by ticking this box. There is an additional option for Purchases
  • Sort Order – By default your projects are sorted by project number, however to make it easier you can sort your project list by name of creation date

When you’ve made your changes, click Save Settings.

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