Sage Importer

As part of our commitment to ensuring that customers have a smooth process for getting started with KashFlow, we offer a free tool to help you migrate data from desktop Sage into our online bookkeeping application.

The Export Wizard brings across all of your Sage data: customers, suppliers, sales, purchases, bank accounts, nominal codes, opening balances and journals.


The Export Wizard is incompatible with the following:

  • Sage software that is running on a hosted environment or a network drive
  • Sage software that is used with the “Foreign Trader” module
  • Versions of Sage other than Sage 50 or Sage Instant
  • Only supported on versions up to Sage version 22 using the wizard.
  • Sage version 23 and above are available to be converted which is carried out by a conversion team which is subject to a chargeable fee.

If any of the above apply to you, please email [email protected] detailing your issue and we will try to provide alternate methods for migrating your data.

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