Sage Importer: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use the Export Wizard with Sage One?

The Export wizard will only work with versions of Sage 50 and Sage Instant Accounts.


  1. How long does an export take?

The extraction of the data from Sage should take less than 5 minutes in most cases. Your data is then compressed and uploaded to our servers. KashFlow then reviews the data before asking you to commit to the import. This review step may take up to 15 minutes in accounts with many years of data.

Once you have confirmed the data to be imported is correct, the import process will start. The time to complete the process differs based on the size of the data. It may be anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

In cases with exceptionally large amounts of data, we may queue your import for later in the day. If your import is queued, you will be notified of this during the Wizard.

You may also choose to run the export outside of normal working hours (9am-6pm GMT) when there are less active users on KashFlow. This will speed up the completion time also.


  1. I am stuck on the “Extracting Data” page within KashFlow! Why won’t the wizard continue?

Unfortunately due to the extended amount of time that the data review step takes, your browser may time out. As a result, if you find yourself stuck on the “Extracting Data” page after having logged into KashFlow, please refresh your browser.

To refresh a page on Windows simply press the F5 button on your keyboard, or on Mac use Cmd + R.


  1. I don’t know my Sage username or password?

If you are not sure of the Sage Account Username or Password then you should try and use the default of ‘Manager’ as the username and leave the password blank.


  1. My company uses a hosted network environment. Can I still use the Export Wizard?

We advise against hosted environments. The Export Wizard is designed to work with local desktop installations of Sage. You may encounter problems with the Wizard if you’re running Sage within a hosted system.

We suggest using your Sage license to install a standalone copy on a PC locally and restoring your Sage data onto it. You can then run the Wizard from your local version of Sage.

If you are having continued issues even after trying the above, contact the Support team for assistance.


  1. Can I export multiple company accounts from Sage at the same time?

You can only export one company from Sage at a time.


  1. Can I update my current KashFlow account with recent transactions from Sage?

The Export Wizard will extract ALL the company account data from Sage. There is no way to select data by date. The Export Wizard will also wipe out any existing data within the KashFlow account. So you cannot ‘merge’ data. If you want to update your data within KashFlow it will be better to use the CSV Import process.


  1. What happens if the data within KashFlow differs from the data in Sage?

There may be instances where the Export Wizard cannot import all the data into KashFlow due to the way it has been setup in Sage. This may result in a differing number of invoices or VAT balance. Please check the below common instances:

There are missing invoices/purchases

Please check that your Customers and Supplier codes do not have special characters. Unfortunately these are incompatible with KashFlow and can cause invoices to fail to be imported.

My Trial Balance doesn’t match the Aged Debtors/Creditors

KashFlow does not normally allow journals to the Debtors/Creditors Control accounts however Sage does. To ensure that you have all of your data these journals will still be imported but as a result your Trial Balance and Aged Debtors/Creditors will not match. You will have to replace these journals with opening balance invoices to resolve the issue. Information on making opening balances on KashFlow can be found here

My Customer or Supplier balances are incorrect

Due to the functionality of Payment on Accounts in Sage, unfortunately there can be complications with these transactions on KashFlow. Specifically this can occur when you have a Payment on Account that has been partially assigned to an invoice but also has a remaining balance available. In this situation the Payment on Account may instead still show the full value despite having paid an invoice.

As a result, you can fix this issue by manually updating the balance of the Payment on Account. You can update the balance of a Payment on Account by going to Customers > Choosing the relevant Customer > Clicking the “Invoices, Stats, etc” tab > Clicking the relevant Payment on Account. This will take you to the bank page with the transaction highlighted. If you click on the transaction in the bank you can change the value to update its balance manually.

My invoice numbers are out of sequence

Unfortunately at times you may find your invoice numbers are not matching up with your Sage data. This is due to KashFlow’s requirement that all invoice numbers be strictly numeric whereas Sage allows alphabetic characters in the invoice number. Due to this, any incompatible invoice numbers are automatically renumbered for you.


  1. I am having a problem using the Export Wizard not solved above.

Please email the following information to our Client Services team at [email protected].

  • If the data was imported but was incorrect, please complete a validation form detailing the differences between the data in Sage and the data in KashFlow.
  • Your KashFlow username and password.
  • The WizardDebug.log file located in the same folder as the Export Wizard on your computer.
  • A screenshot of the Sage > Help > About page.
  • Any details on your computer and how and where Sage is installed.
  • A Sage backup file of the company account. Read more about creating a backup file here.
  • Your Sage username and password.

All company data is treated confidentially and files are disposed of once the support investigation is completed.

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