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Customer Purchase History

The customer purchase history gives you a report detailing sales made to a specific customer in a CSV spreadsheet format. Access this report by going to Reports > Sales > Customer Purchase History Running the Report Customer – select which Customer to view the report of sales made Start Date / End…

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Digita Exports

The digita export allows you to download a CSV file containing all your transactional data that can be imported into the Digita Suite of Tax & Accountancy products. Running the Report Access this report by going to Reports > Business > Digita Export Use the options here to specify the…

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EC Sales List

Your EC Sales List is a report detailing all VATable sales of certain goods and services made to EC Customers over a certain period. This article explains some basic settings and how to run the report within KashFlow. For more information on EC Sales Lists please click here for HMRC guidance…

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Expenditure by Payment Method

The Expenditure by Payment Method report produces a list of all payments made using a specific payment type for the date period requested. This can be used to balance your cheque book or to reconcile a credit card statement. Running the Report You can access it by going to Tools…

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Expenditure by Sub-Outgoing Type

Running the Expenditure by Outgoing Type supplies a pie chart based on your expenditure broken down by Sub-Outgoing (Purchase Product) Codes This is useful to help track stock you have received into your account. Running the Report You can access it by going to Tools & Reports > Expenditure Reports >…

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Expenditure by Supplier

The Expenditure by Supplier report gives you a pie chart of your expenditure broken down by supplier. This report is useful for figuring out which suppliers you spend the most on. Running the Report You can access it by going to Tools & Reports > Expenditure Reports > Expenditure by…

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Expenditure Type Trend

The Expenditure Type Trend report gives you a report showing on a month by month basis, the total expenditure amount for a specific outgoing type.  This is useful as it enables you to see if specific costs are increasing or decreasing, such as utility bills or advertisement for example. Running…

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Export a List of Customers Contact Information

If you are looking to export a list of Customer contact information to a CSV file to include details (such as Contact Name, Address, Email Address etc.) it is possible for KashFlow to do this for you. Running the Report To export this, go to Reports > Income Reports >…

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