Expenditure by Payment Method

The Expenditure by Payment Method report produces a list of all payments made using a specific payment type for the date period requested. This can be used to balance your cheque book or to reconcile a credit card statement.

Running the Report

You can access it by going to

Reports | Purchases | Expenditure by Payment Method

Once here you will need to specify:

Payment method – Select from the drop down menu the payment method you want to report on
Start Date – This is the date you want to include Purchases from based on issue date
End Date – This is the date you want Purchases up until based on issue date.
Show Bank Details –  If ticked, there will be additional columns for ‘Account Number’ and ‘Sort Code’

Viewing the Report

Once you have run the report, you will receive a list of all Purchases that have been paid for by your selected Payment Method. You will see that the Supplier and Ref are both underlined and highlighted in blue. These values are actually hyperlinked to that Supplier or Purchase in your KashFlow account if you wanted to drill down into this report.

You can choose to Print This Report, which will give you a printable copy of the list, or you can choose Download To CSV, which will show you in a spreadsheet format the same information.

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