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Global Project Report

The Global Project Report supplies an overview of all projects on a singular CSV spreadsheet file. Running the Report First access this report by going to Reports > Business > Global Project Report The drop down list contains three options by which to set the parameters of the report: Completed Projects…

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Health Check

The Health Check Report generates a document that provides a financial health check for your business. It looks at a few essential areas and gives you an overall score out of 100 along with suggestions on how to improve your score. Running the Report Access this report by going to Reports…

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Historic Sales & Expenditure

The Historic Sales & Expenditure Report creates a report listing all Sales, Outgoing, and Bank Transaction Type Codes and the corresponding figures raised against them over a specified date range. Running the Report To run the report first access it in Reports > Business > Historic Sales & Expenditure Using the…

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KashFlow Billing queries – Self Manage

How to update address/contact details on your account   Open up KashFlow Bookkeeping and go to: ·         Company Details ·         Click on the Address Line.  This will open all address lines and these can be edited with the correct information. ·         Under Contact Details, you can type in the correct…

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Monthly Profit & Loss

The Monthly Profit & Loss Report is a financial statement that summarises the revenues, costs and expenses incurred over a calendar month. Running the Report   To run the Monthly Profit & Loss (P&L), go to Reports > General Reports > Monthly Profit & Loss This report will present your Profit &…

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New Reporting Enhancements

We’ve launched some major updates to the KashFlow reports with a new fresh, modern and clean design. This enhancement makes the KashFlow reports more flexible, easier to use and can produce a more professional looking report. The balance sheet, profit & loss, trial balance and aged debtors/creditors report have been…

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