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In this article, we will go through the new Taxes dashboard and your Self-Assessment submissions. Under the Taxes tab, you will find your new Taxes dashboard. This dashboard replaces the use of the Self-assessment report, which you would usually find under your reports tab.   Self-Assessment Choosing the Self-Assessment tab…

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Stock Overview

The Stock Overview Report can be used to give you a valuation of the stock you currently hold. For a guide to setting up Product and Stock Management in KashFlow please click here, similarly for a full list of reporting options please click here. Running the Report Run this report by…

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Supplier Report

If you are looking to export a list of Supplier contact information to a CSV file to include details (such as Contact Name, Address, Email Address etc.) it is possible for KashFlow to do this for you. Running the Report To export this, go to Reports > Expenditure Reports > Supplier Report  You…

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Trial Balance

The Trial Balance, “TB” or “General Ledger”, is a list of all the Nominal Accounts (both revenue and capital) contained in the business. This same list of nominal accounts can be found by going to Settings > Chart of Accounts. Running the Report In KashFlow, you can run the Trial Balance by going to Reports >…

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Trial Balance – Not Providing Expected Figures

This article hopes to explain, and provide guidance as to amend, the causes of a Trial Balance not producing the figures you expect. How the KashFlow Trial Balance Works The Trial Balance allows you to specify a Start Date, and an End Date, as to define a period to report…

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Unallocated Supplier Payments

Running the Unallocated Supplier Payments report will give you a report of all the unallocated advanced payments against your Suppliers. This is useful if you’re looking to clear payments. Running the Report You can find this report by going to Tools & Reports > Expenditure Reports > Unallocated Supplier Payments…

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VAT Return of Trading Details

This Report will talk you through the VAT Return of Trading Details report. Running the Report The VAT return of trading details will detail the total values of transactions that have been included in previously submitted VAT returns, sorted by VAT rate. This can be found via Reports > General…

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Year End Process

When working with your accounts, you’ll soon come to realise that ‘year end’ is an important moment. This is the term used to describe the day that your company’s financial period comes to an end, and it starts the clock when it comes to setting a deadline for you to…

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