Unallocated Supplier Payments

Running the Unallocated Supplier Payments report will give you a report of all the unallocated advanced payments against your Suppliers. This is useful if you’re looking to clear payments.

Running the Report

You can find this report by going to

Reports > Purchases> Unallocated Supplier Payments

Once here you will not need to enter any date range, KashFlow will simply show you your unallocated payments.

Viewing the Report

The report will show you 4 columns:

Supplier – This is the Supplier the payment is assigned to. Clicking on this name will take you to the Supplier profile

Date – The date of the payment. Clicking on this will take you to the payment in the Bank area

Amount – How much the payment is

Comment – Any comments you may have added

You can filter the report by clicking the column names. This can show the highest amount first, Supplier from a-z, most recent date and also Comment from a-z.

If you would like to print the report, in line with other reports clicking the Print button at the top of the page can produce a PDF, however, it cannot be exported to CSV.

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