Expenditure by Supplier

The Expenditure by Supplier report gives you a pie chart of your expenditure broken down by supplier. This report is useful for figuring out which suppliers you spend the most on.

Running the Report

You can access it by going to

Reports | Purchases | Expenditure by Supplier

Once here you will need to specify:

Start Date –This is the date you want to include Purchases from, based on issue date
End Date –This is the date you want Purchases up until, based on issue date
Purchases Recorded / Purchases Paid – You will need to choose if you would like to include Purchases that are paid, or were simply raised within your specified date range

Viewing the Report

Once you have run the report you will get a pie chart showing the total amount spent on suppliers broken down into segments, each segment represents a supplier and the size of the segment is representative to how much money was spent on them.  This gives you a good idea right away of your biggest suppliers.

One thing to note here is that running this report based on Purchases Recorded will give you figures exclusive of VAT Amounts. To get an inclusive VAT figure, you can run the report based on Receipts Paid.

You can choose to Print This Report, which will give you a printable copy of the pie chart, or you can choose Download To CSVwhich will show you in a spreadsheet format the break down of amounts.

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