Expenditure Type Trend

The Expenditure Type Trend report gives you a report showing on a month by month basis, the total expenditure amount for a specific outgoing type.  This is useful as it enables you to see if specific costs are increasing or decreasing, such as utility bills or advertisement for example.

Running the Report

You can access it by going to

Reports | Purchases | Expenditure Type Trend, once here you will need to specify:

Start Date: This is the date you want to include Purchases from, based on issue date

End Date: This is the date you want Purchases up until, based on issue date

Code: This the Outgoing Type Code you want to see a breakdown of

Viewing the Report

Once you run this report you will then see on screen the line graph broken down into each month you have run the report for. Each figure is calculated by total expenditure on that code for that month exclusive of VAT.

You can choose to Print This Report, which will give you a printable copy of the graph, or you can choose Download To CSV, which will show you in a spreadsheet format the break down of amounts.

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