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Document Customisation – PDF Themes

KashFlow allows you to customise your documents. You can include a Logo, a Background Image, change the Font Colour and more. Documents refer to Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Packing Slips, Remittance Advice and Payment Receipts. Basics Access your document settings by navigating to Settings > PDF Themes Here, you can modify…

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Document Troubleshooting – Documents Appear Scaled

KashFlow uses HTML to generate your PDF documents. This allows for great flexibility although can result in an anomaly if you’ve got extra spaces in your additional text box, this can result in your documents appearing to shrink to fit on the page. To solve this problem you’ll need to modify your additional text.…

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Document Troubleshooting – Font Sized Increased

When using our PDF generator you may notice that the font size may be larger than you would like. To rectify this, you will need to do one of the following: Edit your theme To edit your theme, first navigate to: Settings > PDF Themes > Select your current theme Your current…

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Document Troubleshooting – Logo Too Big

To allow you greater flexibility our PDF generator will not scale your logo to fit any space automatically. This means that if you upload a large logo it will not be scaled down to fit within a predetermined field, and may result in the logo appearing much too large (or small) for…

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Document Troubleshooting – URL Showing

If you are using Mozilla FireFox you may notice that when you print out a PDF from Kashflow (for example, an Invoice) that you get an URL at the top of the page, and a time-stamp and date at the bottom of the page. This is due to a setting…

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Field Names – Invoice Options

This option can be found by going to Settings > Invoice Options >Field Names and here you have the ability to change 4 Fields, for example “Quantity”. Invoice Name – You can rename your invoices, to anything you like. For most people “Invoice” is fine, but some people may want to rename this.…

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