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Configuring SagePay

In Settings | Receiving Payments you can select a payment processor for handling card payments. To use SagePay with your KashFlow account, you will need to add the address of our server to your VSP account. Login to your SagePay account. From the ‘Administration’ menu, choose ‘Account Parameters’ Scroll down to…

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Customer Sources

KashFlow gives you the option of selecting a customer source letting you record how you acquired this customer. This can be used for reporting. It is particularly useful in monitoring where you are getting most of your business from. This could be from referrals, advertising campaigns, partner companies etc. Setting Up A…

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Document Customisation – Alpha Numeric Invoice Number

Invoice numbers in KashFlow can only be numeric, however we have developed a workaround to simulate alpha-numeric invoice numbers and record them as such in KashFlow. This workaround involves using the the Customer Reference field for your own numbering format and editing the PDF Theme to show the Customer Reference number in…

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Document Customisation – PDF Themes

KashFlow allows you to customise your documents. You can include a Logo, a Background Image, change the Font Colour and more. Documents refer to Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Packing Slips, Remittance Advice and Payment Receipts. Basics Access your document settings by navigating to Settings > PDF Themes Here, you can modify…

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