Invoice Filename

In KashFlow the default file name for an invoice is ‘InvoiceName-Invoicenumber.pdf’, ie’ Invoice-200.pdf’. This can be changed within KashFlow’s advanced settings.

Changing the Invoice File Name

Change the invoice filename by going to Settings > Advanced Settings > Invoice Filename Format. Using the text box here, define how you would like your invoices to be named;

  • Static Text – Type any static text that should appear in the invoice filename
  • Variables – Variables you can use include [invnum], [invname], [invdate], [invdue], [custref] and [custcode]

For example;

MyCompany Invoice [invnum] [custcode] - [invdate]

Will become;

MyCompany Invoice 4 CUST002 - 20/05/2013

If you need to each Invoice Filename to differ from customer to customer then tick the checkbox Override on a per customer basis.

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