Editing a Currency

Your currency options can be accessed by going to Settings > Currencies.

Editing home currency

Your home currency is the main currency of your KashFlow accounts; it’s the currency that you’re bank balances, payments and financial reports will be produced in.

To edit your home currency go to Settings > Currencies and select it from the list, it will be labeled ‘Home Currency’.

You will then be taken to the company details page. Use the currency options in the drop down on the right to change your currency.

  • Home Currency – This is the currency that your financial reports and bank balance will be based in. Select the currency using the drop down menu
  • Currency Symbol – This is automatically filled in based on the Home Currency selection above; the symbol can however be changed by typing it in the box. You can also use the tick box to decide if you want the symbol position positioned on the right or left.

When you’re ready, click update

Editing subsequent currency

To edit a currency other than your home currency that you’ve currently got set up in KashFlow go to Settings > Currencies and select it from the list.

You’re then taken to the currency details screen. Use the following options to complete the setup of your currency:

  • Code – Using the drop down select the international code for the currency you are adding.
  • Automatically update rate – to have KashFlow automatically update the exchange rate daily based on the published figure on ecb.europa.eu, tick this box.
  • Currency Name – By default the currency name is based on the rate you’ve previously selected from the code drop down. You can change this name by typing in the text box.
  • Symbol – This is the symbol that will proceed/precede the amount on your invoices or purchase receipts. This is automatically populated based on the code that was previously selected.
    • Position to the right – Ticking this option will position the symbol to the right of the amount, un-ticking this will have the symbol positioned on the left.
    • Exchange rate – If you’re planning on raising an invoice or purchase receipt and applying payments straight away, you should type in the current exchange rate for this currency.

When you’re ready, click the Add button.

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