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Purchase Orders

What is a purchase order?  A purchase order (abbreviated to PO) is a document that specifies the type, quantity, and agreed price for products and services. It is issued from buyers to sellers and acts as confirmation of an order. Purchase orders are primarily used to control the purchasing of…

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Recording Batch Payment On Purchases

You may find sometimes that you send a single supplier payment for multiple purchase receipts. This can be recorded as one batch payment to save you having to pay each receipt manually. To record the payment, please navigate to Purchases> New Batch Payment. The next page will contain the following fields: Date…

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Recording EC Purchases

This article will describe how to record EC Purchases. This is only applicable if you are VAT registered and have ticked the box on the Suppliers page to say they are in another EC member state. Preparation: For your VAT return, you may want purchases made against a nominal code…

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Recording Purchase Payments

This guidance advises on how to apply a payment to an existing purchase. You will first need to select the purchase you want pay off by clicking Purchases and then select your purchase form the list, or run a quick search for it in the search box. The payment can all…

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Supplier Credit Note – Full Amount

This article shows you how to create a credit note for the full amount of a purchase receipt. You may need to do this if you return a purchased item but you are not given a refund. Creating the Credit Note To start, go to Purchases > Select the purchase receipt> Click Copy in the top…

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