Recording Batch Payment On Purchases

You may find sometimes that you send a single supplier payment for multiple purchase receipts. This can be recorded as one batch payment to save you having to pay each receipt manually.

To record the payment, please navigate to Purchases> New Batch Payment. The next page will contain the following fields:

  • Date – This is the day on which you made the payment;
  • Account – This should be the bank account from which the payment was made
  • Method – This is how you made the payment e.g. Cheque
  • Notes – You may have a reference number for the payment that you can enter in here.

Further down on this page you will see a list of all unpaid purchase receipts. You may want to use the drop down above this list to select a supplier.

Simply put a tick in the box next to the purchase number and, once finished, click the Save button in the top right corner of the screen.

The receipts will be marked as paid and a batch payment entry will be added in your bank account.

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