Supplier Credit Note – Full Amount

This article shows you how to create a credit note for the full amount of a purchase receipt. You may need to do this if you return a purchased item but you are not given a refund.

Creating the Credit Note

To start, go to Purchases > Select the purchase receipt> Click Copy in the top navigation > Click Purchase in the popup.

You will have created a new receipt which is an exact copy of the original one. Simply add a minus in front of the line item total and click Save in the top right corner of the screen.

Please leave the credit note as unpaid.

Using on Future Receipts

Unpaid receipts for this supplier will have an Apply Credit button within the Payments section of the purchase receipt screen.

Click Apply Credit, select the credit note that you have created and press Apply. You can repeat this process over on subsequent receipts until all the credit is used up.

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