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IRIS Accounts Production – Trial Balance Import

This topic explains how to automatically import a KashFlow trial balance into Accounts Production. From version 11.3.1, client data from KashFlow can be linked to Accounts Production. Trial balance figures can be automatically imported into Accounts Production. This feature is only available to an Accountant with a KashFlow Connect Account. …

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IRIS Chart of Accounts

Your KashFlow Chart of Accounts is now fully compliant with IRIS Accounts Production codes. You can assign an IRIS Limited Company chart or an IRIS Sole Trader Partnership chart to new client accounts in KashFlow Connect. Master templates When are you about to add a new client in your KashFlow Connect…

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IRIS KashFlow Connect – Branding

The Branding feature within IRIS KashFlow Connect allows you as the partner to have your logo replace where you would normally see a KashFlow logo in the software. You can also change the colour scheme of the software in order for it to fit in with your practice colours. Effectively it…

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IRIS KashFlow Connect – Client Details

The client details screen is where you can access all your details on a particular client, manage them and run reports quickly. Access this screen by going to IRIS KashFlow Connect > Clients > Details button next to the client. Overview From this page, use the following options to; Login – Log…

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IRIS KashFlow Connect – Client Groups

The client groups page in IRIS KashFlow Connect allows you to group your clients into specific client groups. Grouping clients allow you to better organise your clients and to filter them on the clients page. Access this setting by going to IRIS KashFlow Connect > Clients > Client Groups. Creating a Client…

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IRIS KashFlow Connect – Client Managers

You can create Client Managers in Orbit by going to IRIS KashFlow Connect > Clients > Client Managers. Using this feature you can group clients to specified managers and allow these managers to have their own IRIS KashFlow Connect login. When they log into Orbit they will only see and have access…

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IRIS KashFlow Connect – Clients

The clients tab in IRIS KashFlow Connect is the section which you will use most. From here you can create, manage and control your IRIS KashFlow Connect clients. Access this page by clicking the Clients button from the main menu bar. This page gives you six buttons and a list of your clients. Using…

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