Clients Overview

The clients tab in IRIS KashFlow Connect is the section which you will use most. From here you can create, manage and control your IRIS KashFlow Connect clients. Access this page by clicking the Clients button from the main menu bar.

You will see the Clients tab is your hub for all your clients activity, from here you can see your available credits, log in to your client’s accounts directly and see at a glance how your clients are getting on.

  • Create Client – click here to create a new KashFlow account for a client.
  • Invite Clients – click here to send an email invitation to a client to invite them to sign up for KashFlow.
  • Client Groups – click here to create and manage a group that you can add clients to, this can be especially useful for managing franchise companies.
  • Client Managers – click here to create and manage client managers who can have their access to IRIS KashFlow Connect accounts and be restricted to their own clients only

Once you have your clients up and running then you will find the Filter and Customise option very useful. You can see both options just next to the search clients box on the right of your screen.

This will filter your clients view from the requirements you have entered.

To further personalise your clients page you can use the Customise option. This will add elements to your table which gives you a better understanding of your clients account status. For example, you can select to see the last bank reconciliation your client has done without logging into the account.


The Actions column will display various actions not carried out through KashFlow, for example if your client hasn’t set an accounting period then you will be prompted to do so. To save time you can do this inside of your IRIS KashFlow Connect account instead of logging into your client’s account. If you have more than 1 action we will display them in a dropdown for you to access.

Next to your Actions, you will see the Log In column. Clicking on the KashFlow logo will log you in to your client’s account directly without the need for username or password.

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