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Iris KashFlow Connect – Invite Clients

The invite clients page on Iris KashFlow Connect allows you to invite new clients to sign up for a KashFlow trial via a custom e-mail. This e-mail contains a link that will allow clients to create a new KashFlow account and automatically be linked to your Iris KashFlow Connect profile.…

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KashFlow Connect – Detaching Clients

If you no longer wish to continue managing the Bookkeeping data of a client you can “Detach” the client from your KashFlow Connect account.  There are a few things that you would need to be aware of prior to detaching your client. Outstanding Licence If you have applied a paid…

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New IRIS KashFlow Connect

Since our acquisition by IRIS in October 2013, we’ve been hard at work thinking about what we can do to make life easier for accountants. We’ve started this by integrating IRIS KashFlow Connect into IRIS Accounts Production, and by aligning what was IRIS Open Payroll into the KashFlow brand and including a seamless integration…

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New IRIS KashFlow Connect: Switch Instructions & Important Info

With New KashFlow there’s been a lot of changes, all of which are detailed on our What’s New & Release Notes for New KashFlow. As a partner, there’s some critical ones that you should be aware of however. Important Notes before Switching Now Using Dropbox for Files & Attachments –…

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New IRIS KashFlow Connect: Whats New & Release Notes

Whilst the majority of IRIS KashFlow Connect is identical to the Orbit Accounts you already know, there’s some changes that are important to note. Please note that this guide relates to IRIS KashFlow Connect; for details on What’s New and to view the release notes for New KashFlow please click…

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RapidFire Guide Tab 1 – Invoices

This screen is used for entering the details of individual sales invoices. Setting the invoice details Customers Select from the drop down the customer this individual invoice relates to. If the customer record does not yet exist in KashFlow it can be created on the fly using the Add button.…

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Rapidfire Guide Tab 2 – Batch Invoices

This screen makes provision for a batch of different sales invoices on the same screen. This may include multiple line item invoices or single item invoices. Setting the invoice details Customer Code – Select the correct customer code from the drop down list. If the customer does not yet exist…

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