Rapidfire Guide Tab 3 – Receipts

This screen is used for entering the details of individual purchase invoices.


Setting the receipt details


Select from the drop down the supplier this individual receipt relates to. If the supplier record does not yet exist in KashFlow it can be created on the fly using the Add button.

Supplier Ref

Enter the supplier invoice number.

Receipt Date

Enter the date of the receipt.


If the invoice has already been paid tick the Paid box.  This will provide some additional fields to enable you to record details of the payment you have made as follows:


Confirm if the Payment date was the same as the invoice date or record the date the payment was made.

Payment Due

Automatically calculated using the Payment Terms field in the Supplier Record.  This can be amended manually or using the calendar button.

Entering Line Items

The details of the individual line items are then entered as follows.  The Tab key can be used to move to the next field.

Outgoing Type/Purchase Code –  Select the correct Purchase/Expense Nominal Code from the drop down.
Quantity – Enter the applicable quantity for the line item.
Description – Enter some narrative to describe the item
Price – Enter the net value of the individual item
VAT Rate – Enter the net value of the individual item
VAT Amount – Type the applicable VAT for the item or select from the drop down.
Total – Automatically calculated once you Tab from the VAT Rate.

Repeat the above columns for any additional line items for this invoice.

Finalising the receipt

If you wish to cancel all the entries use the Cancel button. Once all the items have been entered click Save.

A confirmation message will be displayed and the invoice will be listed on the screen.

This invoice can be reopened for editing with a double click. If you wish to delete a saved invoice from RapidFire use the Delete button.


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