There are lots of reports in KashFlow to help you keep track of the financial situation of your business and ensure you are in control.

These are broken down into six categories in KashFlow:

  • Financial
  • Business
  • Tax
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • System Logs


The Financial Reports are some of the most important reports for any business to keep track of the turnover, costs and overall profit. These include the Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and Profit & Loss reports.


The Business reports contain a mix of reports that you can use to check how your business is doing including a Health Check and Activity Report as well as a variety of other reports to help you to monitor various aspects of your business such as CIS Summary, Stock Overview, HSBC Factoring and the Asset Register.

There are also two reports that are worth mentioning separately. The Year-End is used to create your Year-End in KashFlow and move all of your Profit & Loss values to a retained profit code in your Balance Sheet. There is also the Audit Trail which can be useful if you need to drill down into a specific transaction to see when it was created, what changes have been made and who has made the changes to it


In here are all the reports relating to VAT including those that need to be submitted when on certain VAT schemes. These include the EC Sales List, VAT MOSS  and VAT Return of Trading Details.

Please note that the VAT return and Self-Assessment have now both been moved to the Taxes tab in the software and those reports redirect to this page.

 Sales & Purchases

The sales and purchases sections include different breakdown reports to help you to narrow down your income and expenditure by customers/suppliers, nominal codes, sources and products to help show you where you are gaining the most income or what is costing the most for you. A lot of these reports are in Pie Chart format, but you can click into one of the sections to drill down into each separately for a more detailed view.

There is also the Aged Debtors and Aged Creditors reports held in these sections to see how much money you owe and is owed to you broken down by month for the last quarter including any older amounts

System Logs

The system logs are two reports that can help you to ensure that everything is running smoothly on your account and investigate if there are problems.

The Email Logs shows a log of all emails sent from your account including the status, date and timestamp, where it has been sent to and whether you used your own SMTP configuration. This can help check if there have been any problems emailing invoices over to customers and can help pinpoint if you have an issue with your SMTP configuration.

The Login Logs shows a list of all the users who have logged into the account over a given period. This shows the date and timestamp, username, the type of user account they have, and the IP address used. This is particularly useful if you find any irregularities on your account and want to see how it may have happened or who has been into the account.

Favourite Reports

When you click onto the reports page, you will notice that the first tab you are taken to is a star with a list of some reports in here. These are your favourites and you can add or remove any report you like to this list by clicking on the star to the left of the report.

Any reports that you have favourited will always show in the list when you first click into the reports so you can access these quicker.

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