3rd Party Apps

There are lots of 3rd party applications that can integrate with KashFlow to help you run your business seamlessly. You can find these in the Apps section within KashFlow

Enabling the API

To enable any of these have access, you will first need to enable the API by going to Apps > API settings and ticking the option for ‘Enabled’ which will then show the API settings that will need to be configured.

These settings may differ depending on the App you are connecting to and more information can be found on each of these below. Please note: If you have ‘Separate API Password’ selected, you will enter in a new password into the box and when connecting to any app, you will need to use this password instead of the one you use to log in to KashFlow

What Apps does KashFlow Integrate with?

KashFlow can integrate with the following:

Though these are the standard integrations, it is also possible to build your own integration to link to your own website, CRM, or any other internal system.

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